Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Uniqueness of GOD

There have been many times I have heard people ask, “Where did GOD come from”. In most cases, it is someone who is anti GOD. Sometimes, it is just a finite human asking about something that her/his mind cannot comprehend; an eternally existent being.

Suppose you were to design a new super computer. In it, you put many new designs and many new programs. In it, people can see your work and it has your signature way of doing design. Some would be amazed at your work, others would criticize the design because it is not how they would have done it. Still others would copy your work, with their design changes, and claim it as their own. In all this, you would necessarily have to exist outside of the computer you are designing. Even though your fingerprints are all over it, you are outside of it. So it is with GOD.

In order for GOD to create time and space and matter, GOD would have to exist outside of time and space and matter. HE would have to have an existence that is foreign and completely different from that which HE created. Even though you would clearly see HIS fingerprints within the design, a consistency of style or a reflection of the extraordinary, you could never find GOD in the space or matter or the time HE created. Since the human mind is restricted by the creation of GOD, GOD could never be found by such a restricted being.

The GOD of creation, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and JESUS the CHRIST exists outside of time and space. HE is infinite in power, position, and presence. HE is in the beginning and the end at the same time. The Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end.

Man, in all his efforts, cannot find GOD within the realm of HIS creation. GOD cannot be found by using that which HE created. GOD must rather choose to reveal Himself to man. Because GOD is spirit, it is necessary that GOD establish within a man a living spirit that can know GOD, and be known of GOD. JESUS called this being “Born again”.

The carnal man, the man born of the flesh and within the confines of the creation of GOD, cannot in and of himself, know GOD. 1 Corinthians 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. It is, therefore, incumbent upon GOD to make Himself known to those whom HE chooses to make Himself known. As it is written, HE will have mercy on whom he will have mercy.

In order to know GOD, you must be born again. That which is flesh is born of the flesh. That which is spirit is born of the SPIRIT. The first birth is to be born into a physical and fallen world, in a fallen and lifeless spiritual state. The second birth is to be born of the Spirit into a state of salvation and renewal. To be born again is to be given a new, living spiritual existence that can know the GOD of creation who exists outside of our ability to perceive HIM in the physical world.

Yet, our scientists have proven time and again that only GOD can have created this universe. Every attempt to prove otherwise has failed and is followed by, “We just haven't found the proof yet”. A blind belief that the world and all that is in this creation could exist without a creator, makes them willing to believe it without proof, on the premise that the proof just isn't found yet. Yes, more and more discoveries are found every day. All of them adding more questions and giving no real answers, except to prove that the GOD of creation is real and you can see HIS fingerprints of all HE has made.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Evolution Impossible

Scientists all over the world have come across unique creatures that cannot have "evolved" into what they are. The basis of this statement being that there is no logical evolutionary track to achieve the final product.
Bombadier Beetle
One of the most profound examples of this is the Bombardier Beetle. The Bombardier beetle is a small creature with an amazing self defense mechanism. This beetle has a storehouse of a series of chemicals that, when mixed together, create a volatile, explosive mix that it then propels out a a rear mounted cannon at an extremely high temperature to burn attackers and sometimes to take down food.
Now, the creationist who first wrote this up as proof of creation made some mistakes in his presentation and cast doubts on his conclusions. I am including a link to the evolutionist response to this scientist's claims so you can see the truth for yourself.
I am adding a quote from the explanation of how the Bombardier Beetle could have evolved based on the make up of other beetles.
Therefore, all the pre-bombardier beetle had to do was direct some of that hydrogen peroxide into its collection bladder, develop a little valve between the collection bladder and vestibule chamber, and finally supply the catalase and peroxidase in the vestibule. The hydrogen peroxide would make the insect more poisonous to eat than it was before. A muscle that pulled the duct between the two chambers open, and relaxed to let it close, would help the beetle be more selective about its poison discharges. Even if this valve structure was crude at first, it would have survival value until the side of the duct attached to the muscle could evolve into a little door. The enzymes would be useful the moment they appeared. Even if the beetle's new firing mechanism could not be aimed all that well or if the chemicals were not being secreted in the best proportions at first, the mechanism would still be useful from the start, and the beetle could refine it in time.
That's it. That is all our little beetle had to do. Of course, all of this has to take place with no intelligent design. No actual decision to do it. It just Had to add a few additional compartments , a doorway type valve, BLAH BLAH BLAH.
So, somehow, this creature develops the chemicals that are in other beetles (which, by the way, we have to get past a ridiculous scenario for these other beetles to exist) and then develops chemicals that makes these chemicals volatile and explosive. It then creates chambers where these can mix.
And, according to the author of this paper, in the mid-evolutionary process, none of these chambers and door would be "excess baggage" to haul around.
Now, I am certain that a couple of teams of scientists trying to figure out a way to store and mix these chemicals and expel them with such perfect precision would blow themselves up before a group would finally get this right. And that would be intentional, intelligent design. To think that something could evolve to do this by a series of random mutations? COME ON MAN!!!
I imagine, if someone did the math that cannot be done because we do not have enough understanding to hazard a guess, the "feasibility" of all this happening is even more of a zero than the formation of life is.
This is the kind of "Coulda happened" science that many have decided proves that GOD didn't create anything.
The Monarch Butterfly
A short introduction to another evolutionary impossibility. (Although I think that the very life cycle of all moths and butterflies is an evolutionary impossibility)
The Monarch has a unique way of attaching it's chrysalis to a leaf. At the very last fraction of a second, it released it's grip with it's feet while simultaneously shooting out a suction cup looking attachment that sticks to the underside of a leaf.
Now, if you can imagine how many times a trapeze artist fall before getting an act right, you can see how ridiculous it is to believe this little trapeze act could have, or would have evolved.
Please try to remember that there is no trial and error possible in evolution. There is no passing on of information when a mutation fails to work right. All of the Monarchs that were halfway mutated to do this trick, died. That is a simple view point I know. But you get the point.
There is no reason this creature would have crawled under a leaf and done this without it being programmed into it's DNA by a master designer.
Evolution?? IMPOSSIBLE!!! There is no possible "coulda happened" for this one at all (though i am sure there is an evolutionist who can make something up)
I just want to point out, for those who do not connect continuing thoughts, that all of this "evolution" would have to result from perfectly written, flawless information in the genetic structure of these creatures that would constitute adding another 100 plus pages of encyclopedia style text.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Unarmed Black Man is Dead

Picture a man. A good man. The father of 4 kids and a loving wife. A man who gets up in the morning and goes to work. Finishes work and goes home. Day in and day out. Living his life like any other man. But, he isn't any other man. He is a black man in America. He is a large black man in America.

One day, after work, he gets in his van and starts for home. But, his van stops in the middle of the road on his way. For what ever reason, he doesn't push it off the road. Maybe it's the transmission. Maybe its just too heavy a van. Or, maybe helps arrives before he gets a chance. Either way, he is a large black man with a van stalled in the middle of the road and a police car comes up behind him. Help has arrived.

He begins to walk towards the police car, grateful that it has arrived. I tiny white woman, all alone, steps out of the car as he approaches. She pulls her weapon out and asks him to stop coming towards her. He is stunned. He puts his hands high in the air and says “don't shoot me. I just need help”.

She tells him to turn around and go back to his van until help arrives. She follows behind him with her gun trained on him and he can't believe this is happening to him. He gets a little mad. Frustration at his situation at being stuck in the middle of the road was bad enough. Now he is in fear for his life and he is feeling the anxiety of his situation when another police car arrives.

He thinks it will all be better now. Then a policeman pulls his taser and points it at him. He give him some orders but the man is now in disbelief at how he is being treated and he asks why. Maybe he even gets a little defiant. Who can blame him. Here he is, his van broken down on the road and all of a sudden guns are pointed at him and police are talking to him as if he is some kind of criminal for looking to them for help. Then he hears the pop pop. The taser followed by the gunshot. It takes a moment for him to realize he has been shot. Perhaps the taser even keeps him from really realizing it.

And there in the street, with no one around but those who should have been his salvation, he dies. Alone and confused and bewildered and then dead.

Picture a woman. A good woman. With a family that loves her. She goes to work every day. And goes home at the end of her shift. Just another working woman. But, she isn't just another working woman. She is one of the women who puts on the uniform and sets out everyday to do some good in the world. A world that is increasingly hostile to her and those in the uniform. Still, she wants to do good. To be good.

A call come in on the radio of a stalled car in the middle of the road. She takes the call and heads to the scene. When she arrives, she is met with a scenario that she has been trained for. She is alone and being approached by a large black man.

Recent stories of ambushes and police shootings are fresh in her mind. Perhaps her fear makes her react just a little too cautiously. She draws her weapon and tells the man to stop where he is, turn around and head back to the van. He responds that his van has stopped and he was just looking for assistance. Dialogue goes back and forth as she waits for another squad car to arrive. She has already set in motion an escalation of the situation.

More officers arrive and seeing her with her firearm drawn, assume a defensive posture of subduing a suspect. The suspect is not cooperative and the officers are quick, a little too quick, to pull the trigger on a taser. But he doesn't know that the woman beside him is so scared, that she doesn't even realize her finger is on the trigger. She is so scared, that the pop of the taser startles her and she jerks. She is so scared that, in that moment, she pulls the trigger and shoots an unarmed, large black man, dead in the street.

All of her training. All of the news reports. All of the incidents of the last few months have led her to a place where she simply couldn't trust herself in a situation with alone with a large black man. She isn't a racist. She had no desire to do harm to any other human being. She was simply programmed and sent out into the streets with the exact training necessary to survive and encounter with a large black man.

What do you think Black Lives Matter has added to this scenario? The videos and the outrage was bringing this problem to light. Then a group comes along and advocates for violence against the police. Then the police are ambushed in Dallas. Then they are ambushed in New Orleans. And now, whenever they are in a position to confront a large black man, with a van stopped in the middle of the road, they will respond with fear and caution, and a callous disregard for the emotional state of a frustrated and angry man.

A man is dead. A twin sister has lost her brother. Four children have lost their father. A scared little white woman has ended her life as she knew it. She will never be the same for her family. A fellow police officer has joined her in her fear and has set off a chain of events that has altered the coarse of every life involved. And now, every black person in America knows they have a reason for their fear of the police.

Perhaps we could have come back from all of the other shootings. There were circumstances with most of them. But this one. This one cannot be explained away. This one cannot be unseen and undone. There is no way to tell a black man that the police are his friends. He will always have to be afraid whenever he needs help, to call the police. Maybe it has been that way for a while. I have heard it said. But, today, I see it and I feel it and I do not know if there is any way that we can fix it.

I understand the police having a fear of being attacked by black people. I understand black people being afraid of the police. In fear is a terrible place to exist. When fear is so well founded, how do you overcome it??????????????

Bless God America Poem/song

Bless God America

Bless God America, the God who is love.
He is beside you, He is guiding you
through the night He is the light from above.
You on the mountains, of the valleys, by the oceans, where 'er you roam
Bless God America, He made you strong
Bless God America, He'll lead you on
Bless God America, He'll lead you home

My Christian brothers and sisters, Our god reigns
On the mountains and in the plains
In the countryside and the city
In the beauty and the not so pretty

In times of trouble and times of peace
In the constant struggles when wars never cease
The king of Heaven Reigns on high
In far off lands, and places nigh

He is sovereign in Heaven and the affairs of men
and He chooses who is to rule over them
He holds to heart of the kings in His hands
In all situation, His will stands

So, when you look to some other power
a simple man in an ivory tower
Remember it maters not who is there
In that oval office in the comfy chair

It matters how the our God on High
is dealing with the apple of His eye
If He is pleased with those he chose
Smooth as silk is how it goes

But, if chastisement is what is needed
all your efforts will be defeated
When you turn to other gods
You and He are now at odds.

Get it straight and understand
Peace and calamity are from His hand
He raises a nation and tears one down
reasons to smile or reasons to frown

You can vote who you want, but remember this fact
last time you did that, we were attacked
Our safety and hope are not in man

We need to learn or it will happen again

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Trusting the Mercies of GOD

I Fall On The Mercies of GOD

There is a story at the end of the book of 2 Samuel wherein King David has sinned a great sin (one that Christians in America are guilty of today) and he is given choices;

            24:13.   So Gad came to David, and told him,
 and said unto him,
            Shall seven years of famine come unto 
thee in thy land?
             or wilt thou flee three months before thine enemies,
            while they pursue thee?
             or that there be three days’ pestilence 
in thy land?  now advise,
            and see what answer I shall return to 
him that sent me.
 24:14.   And David said unto Gad,
            I am in a great strait:
            let us fall now into the hand of the LORD;
            for his mercies are great:
            and let me not fall into the hand of man.

As an American Christian, I find myself in the same spot. Given three choices of who should lead the nation to it's destruction, given the choice of the lesser of three evils, I find that I am want to simply fall on my face before the LORD and trust in HIS mercies. I can see no hope for America in any  candidate.
Christians, for many years now, have put their faith in their numbers. Having lost all contact with the truth of the GOD we serve, we have taken what GOD has given us and put our faith in it. Now, as if all of a sudden, Christians who have their faith in their numbers and there census, are discovering that they do not have any real power. Just as David set out to number the people to know his power and position, Christians have done the same and are now reaping the reward just as David did.

The Christian church has never recovered the truth of GOD ever since Rome made the church part of the government. To this day, the leaders of the church still act and teach as if our strength is in the numbers we have been given and not in the one who gave us those numbers. Our efforts to control sin and sinners by force of law has resulted in a rebellion against that law, as has always been throughout  the history of man.

And so, because of human wisdom, and human teachings, faith and trust is put in human governments and human efforts to do what only GOD can do. What only GOD is in control of. This is a blindness that overtaken the most fervent of Bible scholars and has lead even the most pious of men to choose evil. Choosing the lesser of three evils is still choosing evil. This doesn't have to be;

JESUS set down a plan that is perfect. I worked well for the followers of CHRIST. In fact, they overcame the Roman empire by following the plan, and they started with only twelve.

Today, we have nearly 40% of the population that claims to be Christians. We could actually embrace the radical notion of returning to the ways of JESUS and stop following the ways of man. We could actually embrace wisdom from GOD and reject human wisdom in its weaker and inconsistent form.

We live in a nation where the government reflects the society. The one power GOD has given man to change a society is the spread of the gospel and the saving of souls. The one power GOD has given man to change a society is for the members of that society to be changed from the inside, one at a time. The wisdom of GOD takes into account the power of sin and Satan, the nature of a fallen world and fallen man, and it counts on the power of GOD to change that nature. We as Christians need to refrain from being lead by human logic and human wisdom and we need to learn to walk by faith and not by sight. We need to learn to trust in the LORD in all our ways and not lean on our own understanding.

There is only one hope for America and the world, that is that the church will return to its one and only objective, to build the kingdom of GOD.  

Let me add on here; I have, many different times and different ways, tried to explain why our faith in government and leaders and laws has resulted in our eventual demise. The scriptures tell us that if you put your faith in man you will be disappointed. But that is not the whole of it.

We have added to the plan of JESUS aspects that weaken the plan and strengthen Satan and sin. We have, by adding to the plan, claimed to know better than JESUS. As many times as I showed this to my Christian brethren, they cannot comprehend letting go of a man made system of ideals and ideas and wisdom. But, GOD is not one to reward original thought. For one reason, it is never original. If it is not from HIM, it is from Satan and Satan knew that the government that was established for America would eventually fail because the righteousness of the people would eventually fail because the righteousness of the church would eventually fail. Because the righteousness of the church is based in absolute trust in GOD and a willingness to follow HIS ways, and only HIS ways, despite what human wisdom might teach to the contrary. Walking by faith and not by sight is hard to do. 

It is hard to imagine that if every Christian in America were to fall on their face before GOD, not go to the polls, not vote for an evil, leave the decision fully in the hands of GOD  (Intentionally, as an act of trust, even though it always is in HIS hands) and return to the simple focus of kingdom work, that GOD would fix the mess. Even though there is clearly no other hope, Christians still can't let go and let GOD. Christians still can't trust in the plan JESUS set down, and leave the plans and systems of men behind in a huge leap of faith. And so, despite all our claims to the contrary, we do not trust in the promises of GOD. We do not trust in the plans and ways of JESUS. We only trust in what we can see and what we feel and what we can do in our own power and that is something that makes Satan very happy.

Monday, February 22, 2016

On GOD and ISrael

On GOD and Israel

It is my fervent belief that Israel alone is still the favored and unique nation unto GOD. That in times past, GOD has made many promises and prophecies of and to Israel that will carry to the end of the age. I believe this for a number of reasons;

In particular, I see Israel in most of the prophecies of end times. If Israel only consisted of JESUS and HIS followers, then Israel wouldn't be named by twelve tribes in The Revelation.

I believe Israel's return to the promised land in 1948 is a fulfillment of prophecy and a continuation of the signs that Israel is favored and GOD has not cast them off.

I see Israel in the end times prophecies of the OT. Daniel, Micah, Habakkuk, and others all prophecy to Israel and about Israel.

Romans 11 has been interpreted both ways. I am sure great theologians have argued both sides of this issue over the centuries. However, it is because I see this in the Bible, that it informs my other beliefs with regard to Israel and GOD.

There is one thing I know for certain, you cannot look at the relationship GOD has with Israel and related it to GOD's interaction with any other nation. There is only one Israel and the rest are gentile nations.

But, you can look at what GOD does with Israel and see that HE is doing the same with Christians today. Just as GOD raised up godless nations to take Israel captive as their chastisement, so you can see GOD doing in America today. GOD is raising up a godless nation to take the Christians in America captive and to be HIS chastisement upon them.

That is why no amount of effort to pass laws or use government to fix this will come to anything. Only GOD can decide to change the direction of the nation and only Christians have the position to influence that. Without faith, it is impossible to please HIM. If HE is not pleased, I dare to say, it is because the people of faith are not pleasing to HIM.

We have cast off HIS laws and precepts. We have counted as nothing HIS principles and plans. We, the Christian community, have made ourselves repulsive in our dealings with each other and with our GOD and with HIS Israel.

This is what I believe. We do things in the name of JESUS that JESUS never said to do and then ask HIM to bless our plans while rejecting HIS. We will not change and turn from this because our great theologians of today reject the notion. They say “America has turned from GOD” but never see that it is the Israel in America that is to blame.

You think putting the right person in office can fix an economy that has been broken by GOD. You think we can bring in the right president and implement the right protections to make us safe. GOD is the ONLY answer. HE is not just a part of the answer. HE holds the heart of the rulers in HIS hands and they do what HE wants. It is not the nation we need to strive to fix, it is the church. As the church goes, so goes the nation.

Yes, I know all of this is from GOD, even HIS choice to let us turn away from HIM. I have read the book, I know how it ends. But, we must still try to call HIS people back to HIM, even if they will not listen, and cannot hear.

This is what I believe. Therefore, you can reject it fully or in part. What I write is not scripture, but I am certain it is the truth of scripture

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Christians Against Homosexuals

Christians against other Christians. Christians against transsexuals. Christians against atheists. Christians against Muslims.

JESUS said, “Go into all the world and make disciples. IF anyone doesn't receive me, form yourself into gangs and bully them into submitting to the laws I have set you free from”, NEVER. JESUS never said to do this. This is not part of HIS plan. I do not recognize JESUS in any of the actions of the Christian Right these days. In fact, there is no place JESUS ever suggested battling against people at all. YET...

Sadly, I belong to a denomination that believes this is what Christians should do. In fact, they seem to be the ones most effected, or infected, by this spirit.

What spirit is it? It is the spirit that tempted David to do a census of Israel. It is the spirit behind the inquisitions. It represents Hitler more than it does JESUS. It is a spirit that says to put your faith and trust in the size of your gang.

Whether it is writing and passing resolutions (by majority vote and ignoring those who vote no, ignoring the fracturing of the assembly) or by pushing the government and courts, ignoring those who disagree, the so called “Christian” right has rejected anything that is of CHRIST in favor for human understanding and plans. In the end, this will cause the very thing they are trying to prevent. By giving Satan such a stronghold in our convention, we have opened a door where Satan can use his media to shine a light on his work of division and hate and intolerance that he does in the name of JESUS.

GOD is the only one who can change the course of this nation. GOD is not a genie. HE is not at the beck and call of HIS people. HE doesn't follow their plans. HE doesn't have their agenda. They are supposed to follow HIS plans. They are supposed to have HIS agenda. When they choose to go it alone, that is exactly what HE lets them do.

The one group of people who should be speaking peace are those who want to be called the “Children of GOD”. “Blessed are the peacemakers” is a principal carried out through the entire teaching of the Biblical writers ever since JESUS said it. “Live at peace with all men” “turn the other cheek” “go the extra mile” Give more than you have been asked for.

The sad part is Christian are creating the very groups that will be their destruction. By abandoning the ways of CHRIST, we are creating militant atheists and homosexuals who have every reason to battle against the tyranny they perceive coming from the Christian Church. Meanwhile, the Muslims in America show themselves to be the religion of peace. They do not stick their nose into the ways of those who are not theirs. They do not battle against the spiritually lost. Why should they? If Christians are allowed to continue on their current course, they will tear America apart and the Muslims are the next heir apparent. All they have to do is wait and we will hand them the nation.

It seems so odd to me that the Christian leadership is so blind to what they are doing, and to what spirit they are serving. How can you not see that every battle you join into goes bad? How can you not know when GOD is not in the battle with you? How do you continue to do the same thing the same way over and over and over and expect a different result? How crazy is crazy?

The simple history lesson is this;

When the church numbered 12, it grew and overcame the most powerful nation, the most corrupt wickedness, the world had ever known. JESUS was with them because they followed HIS plans. The Rome made the church part of government and it stopped doing things the way JESUS had laid out and started putting its trust in its numbers and position. It felt entitled by GOD to bully those who disagreed. From that time to this very second, the church has operated exactly the same.

Current polls show that 70% of Americans claim to be Christians. Yet, there isn't enough power in them to influence to 2% that have risen up in defiance. Why? Because they do not follow the plans of JESUS.

I have read the book. I know how it ends. The fact that Christians have such a major role in the destruction of the Christian is unfortunate. But, humans do what humans do. In the end, that is reject the GOD of their salvation. It doesn't mean you are not saved by HIM. But, it does mean you do not follow HIM.